Coleman Self-Inflating Camp Pad with Attached Pillow

Are you going to a camp? Need a sleeping bag? If like so, then exactly this is the right place for you to find the best camping bed for your trip. In this section, we’re going to know about Coleman Self-Inflating Camp Pad, which comes with an attached pillow too.

Want to know more about this camp pad? Keep continue to read this section!!

Features of Coleman Self-Inflating Camp Pad with Attached Pillow:

The features of Coleman Self-Inflating Camp Pad with Attached Pillow are described below in a detailed manner for you to know more this camp bed.

  1. Self-inflating

The Coleman camp pad is made with self-inflate and deflates, so you can open the bed and use easily and push out the air and roll it up to store. And, it includes free flow valve and there is no need of pump too.

If it is not in use, then simply roll and open the free flow valve pad that automatically inflates itself.

  1. Design

In order to give added cushion and comfort, the Coleman self-inflating is made with tufted design.

  1. Compact

You’re buying a Coleman camp pad for camping right!! So, portability and compact are the 2 important factors that you consider on the bed, so this camp bed is designed with compression straps for compact storage and easy transportation.

  1. Weather resistant

It includes weather resistant nylon shell, so you will get more durability.

  1. Price

The price of the Coleman self-inflation camp bed is very inexpensive, so anyone can buy this bed for trips.

  1. Warranty

The Coleman Self-Inflating Camp Pad with Attached Pillow comes to your hand with 1-year limited warranty.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • Self-inflating design allows removing air and store on backpacking.
  • This is made with weather resistant, so you can use at any climate.
  • It is available at cheap rate.
  • It comes with 1-year limited warranty
  • This camp bed is compact, portable and lightweight
  • It is very easy to carry along with you
  • It provides more comfortable on outdoor sleeping
  • It has built-in Velcro straps

Final words:

If you’re looking for camping bed that comes within your budget, then Coleman Self-Inflating Camp Pad with Attached Pillow only comes in the top place for you. Thus, don’t miss to buy this camp pad for your outdoor trips, because it automatically inflates itself.

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