How to use a tactical pen
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How to Use a Tactical Pen

Is the Pen Mightier?

What is a tactical pen? It’s a combination of a pen and a weapon, proving that ‘the pen truly is mightier than the sword,’ especially when the pen becomes the sword. Or, in this case, a knife.  The tactical pen is considered a multi-tool because it is similar to a Swiss Army knife and has multiple uses beyond just writing.

One advantage to having a tactical pen as opposed to carrying a Swiss Army Knife or other personal blade, is that its ability to become a weapon is well concealed. It’s not apparent to the average viewer that this pen can also become a weapon. This quality makes it a favorite amongst users. It gives you the advantage of surprise.

The tactical pen’s primary usage is for personal protection. They are used by survival specialists and those interested in having a handy weapon that can also go wherever a pen can go. Since these pens are more than just writing tools, they are more expensive than regular pens.

What are tactical pens made of? These are not your ordinary plastic pens. They are much stronger and made out of either steel or 6061 aluminum, which functions the same as steel. The last thing you want to worry about with your self-defense weapon is breakage, so they’re constructed to withstand intense use.

The primary goal of a tactical pen is stopping power. Your aim is to stop your assailant or attacker. To that end, there are multiple techniques you can employ.

What kinds of self-defense techniques can be used with a tactical pen? You need to have the tactical skills to wield your pen effectively. Let’s take a look at how to use these personal weapons.

How to Use a Tactical Pen

Step 1 – Hold Your Tactical Pen Properly

  • With your dominant hand, wrap your fingers tightly around the pen to make a fist. Cap it with your thumb, leaving a 1-inch space. This ensures the pen won’t slide from your grip.
  • The pen is pointed downwards. The force used to wield the pen comes from your arm and shoulder.

Step 2 – Get Your Body in the Proper Position

  • Plant your feet apart to give your body the proper stability.
  • Bend your torso and upper body slightly forward.
  • With the pen in your dominant hand and properly positioned, square your shoulders as if you’re a boxer.

Step 3 – Making Downward Strikes

  • Raise your shoulder, arm, and the fist with the pen.
  • With the full force generated from your entire body, make a striking downward motion.
  • Make each striking motion as fast and hard as you can.
  • Use your other hand to block attacks by parrying or inflict further damage through punching.
  • Cycle through the motion with each strike: attack, defend, attack, defend, and so on.

Step 4 – Making Horizontal Strikes

  • This is another method for striking. Hold your pen in the fist of your dominant hand.
  • Place the pen vertical and downward right at your breastbone underneath your collarbone, in the center of your chest.
  • Rotate the pen so it’s parallel to the ground and facing outward, directly at the opponent.
  • Strike outward and horizontally, defending the opponent’s attacks with your other hand.
  • Make your attacks in the upper body region for this type of strike to be most effective.

Step 5 – Choosing Targets on the Opponent’s Body

  • Aim for quick, stabbing targets on the opponent’s body.
  • Choose targets across the opponent’s chest, shoulders, arms, collarbone, neck, and face.
  • Always use your other hand, the one not holding the pen, to grab, pin, and deflect the opponent’s hands and arms.

Step 6 – Strikes with Punches

  • You can combine your pen strikes with hand punches.
  • The opponent goes to punch you, and you deflect the punch with the fist that doesn’t hold the pen.
  • Strike the opponent’s face and turn their face away from you, almost as if you’re slapping them.
  • Move closer so that their body is off balance and leaning backwards. You can hold their foot down with your foot. They’ve lost their stability.
  • Now you can use the tactical pen to strike the opponent’s cheek, ear, jaw, throat, neck, and collarbone areas.

Step 7 – Finishing the Attack

  • Use your hand that doesn’t hold the pen to grip onto the opponent’s arm or clothing.
  • Twist the opponent’s body downward, so they are bent over and held fast by your hand.
  • Continue striking the opponent’s neck and face until disarmed.
  • You can combine strikes with knee blows and low lying kicks as well.

Tips and Warnings

Choose a tactical pen that fits perfectly in your first and that you are comfortable using before you begin your training. These weapons come in many different body styles, so try each one out before settling on the one that works for you. The tactical pen can be used for more than just fighting – you can break material objects and barriers like a glass window, for example.

The tactical pen can be used in certain situations as a lethal weapon, so do keep that in mind. You will become better at using your tactical pen and more confident with practice and training. You are responsible for all of your actions when using a tactical pen. These pens are not toys or simple writing implements. They are weapons, and should be handled with the same high level of care and respect you’d give to a knife.

A True and Versatile Weapon

When faced with an attacker situation, it’s important to have not only a self-defense weapon, but effective strategies that can be used with it. Tactical pens turn a simple writing tool into a weapon that can inflict plenty of damage on your attacker. The tactical pen seems small and insignificant compared to a larger weapon, but don’t underestimate it. These are true weapons and they are designed to be used as such.

Learn how to use your tactical pen properly, and you can be confident that you’ll be the winner in the next hand-to-hand combat engagement.

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