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Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbed

Are you going for camping with your kids? So, have you decided to buy an airbed for your kids? Then exactly this is the right place for you to stop your wonderings on camping airbed. Here, we’re going to know about one of the best camping airbeds for kids.

A name of the best product is Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbed, which is mainly designed for kids who going to camping.

Features of Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbed:

You’re going to buy this airbed for children right!! So, it is very important to check all factors of this airbed to ensure the best buy. Thus, here are the features of Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbed in a clear manner.

  1. Soft flock

The Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbed is designed with soft flocking, so you should get added cushion and as well as comfort.

  1. Waterproof

In order to use this airbed on outdoors, this is made with waterproof resistance feature. So, you no need to worry about the usage of this airbed on various weather conditions.

  1. Inflatable

The Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbed allows easy inflate and deflating, so if you don’t need, then deflate the aired and store it. With the help of easy inflate and deflate features, it is very easy to store and carry along with you.

  1. Pillow

This airbed is packed with a pillow, which is also inflatable. So, you can store the pillow along with bed easily and doesn’t consume extra spaces.

  1. Fun colors

The Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbed is available in various fun colors, so kids like to sleep on their favorite colored camping bed.

  1. Price

This is available at affordable price and with all the features that you find in Intex Cozy airbed, the price is less only.

  1. Maintenance

To maintain this airbed properly, you have to re-inflate the airbed occasionally and must for after few times of usage.

  1. Size

A size of the airbed may vary based on your inflation, but the size is measured from widest to side including beams.


  • Its soft flock design provides added comfort
  • This is made with waterproof resistant
  • It is very easy to store and transportation
  • This is available for attractive colors
  • It includes built-in pillow


  • It is must to re-inflate the airbed to maintain comfortable sleep

Final words:

Instead of spending your money on other air beds for camping, simply buy this Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbed and save your lot of money and give the best place for your kids to sleep well.

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